sample of Metal Techs Wear Plate
Thickness (mm) Length(mm) width (mm)
6+4 2400 1200
  3000 1500
8+5 2400 1200
  3000 1500
10+5 2400 1200
  3000 1500
10+8 2400 1200
  3000 1500
10+10 2400 1200
  3000 1500
10+12 2400 1200
  3000 1500
sampe of Metal Techs Wear Plate
A ready made solution to wear problems in the steel and cement industries!
Wear Protection Plate (WPP) is a Weld Overlay of Chromium Carbide on Mild Steel back plate to provide wear protection against Severe Abrasion, Erosion and Mild Corrosion. These plates are a boon to the Industry since it is a ready made solution to the wear problems faced by the industry.

Wear Protection Plate finds its way in all process industries handling abrasive material in the form of chutes, cyclone/elbow/drum/mixer liners, paddles, scrappers, hoppers, van casings, impellers, ventilators and so on.

Wear Protection Plates comes with the advantage of High Chrome Content in the form of Carbides which can resist severe abrasion with uniform distribution of carbides which improves the resistance and performance.

The Micro Structure of the Wear Protection Plate indicates the mixture of Hexagonal shaped Chromium Carbides evenly distributed in tough austenttic cum martensitic matrix.

The Wear Protection Plate exhibits a Hardness of 65 HRc.

At MetalTech we have well qualified engineers and technicians who are trained and experienced. We are trained and experienced to assist you in the selection of the right size, application and fabrication method.
Wear Protectio Plate at Metal Tech
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