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Utex logoMetalTech is the sole proprietor for Utex in Saudi Arabia. Utex provides the ultimate in technological breakthroughs for sealing products. Products such as mechanical seals, plunger packing, spring loaded sets, gaskets, UPAK injectable packing and industrial maintenance products. The quality of these products meets or exceeds the standards set by MetalTech to help you meet the productivity your business requires in today's' market.
 Products Available at MetalTech:     Shindaiwa Generators - Cathodic Protection - Pirelli Hoses - Mac Electrodes
Baker Measuring Devices - Arrow Pipes -
Utex Seal & Gaskets - Victor Welding Accessories -
Wear Protection Plate

 Available Products

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Tex Tech
TexTech™ Style 5200 and 5201 are Carbon Fiber PEEK Composites. The 5200 Composite consists of a continuous filament carbon fiber impregnated with PEEK resin. The Style 5200 is wound in the 0° direction and consolidated into a homogeneous composite matrix. The 5201 is a chopped carbon fiber impregnated with PEEK resin. The 5201 fiber is in a random pattern and consolidated into a homogeneous composite matrix.

Cylindrical bars and cylinders can be made in this process. Maximum solid bar diameter is 2.250” and maximum wall section of cylinders is 1.0”. Maximum length of stock shapes is 6.0”. Finished machine parts and stock shapes are available.
X-CEL ring joint gasketsX-CEL Ring Joint Gaskets are now available from The Operating Division Of UTEX Industries, Inc.. X-CEL Ring Type Joints are API Specification 6A, Product Specification Level 4.

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