Hopper fabrication is done to your specks at Metal Tech

Each cart, skid, chute, funnel, or valve product has its own individual function, and each product serves a manufacturing process in its own specific industry. As in everything we fabricate, there is a wide variety of designs available in each of these items, built specifically for to the specs you need.
MetalTech's craftsmen have the ability to design, fabricate, and install the right solution for your application.
MetalTech will Stainless steel fabrication at Metal Techservice products in a variety of applications and sizes. Each stainless steel tank or hopper we fabricate and install can hold your material from dry ingredients to liquid substances.

We have the capabilities to fabricate and install a tank, bin, or hopper from 2ft. to 14ft. in diameter or square and from 4ft. to 45ft. tall. Stainless steel material thicknesses range from 16 gauge to ½” plate.
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MetalTech will fabricate anything metal your business needs

“If it’s metal, we can make it”

Metal Tach is capable of fabricating any type of metal object

MetalTech is a steel & metal fabricator capable of fabricating almost anything made from metal. “If it’s metal, we can make it”.
We can fabricate your design or create a custom design to suit your needs.
MetalTech will match all specifications. We can assist in your re-designs and revisions to meet your changing needs for fabricated metal or we can handle your steel fabrication needs from measurements stage through the installation onsite and maintenance for the life of the fabrication.

structural framework

MetalTech will fabricate anything metal

 Stainless Steel

 MetalTech designs, fabricates, modifies, repairs, and/or installs custom stainless steel.




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