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Victor RegulatorsRegulators brought to by MetalTech

 Genuine Victor regulators represent the finest in gas pressure control devices. You can trust the quality, safety and workmanship that go into every Victor gas regulator.

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SR 150RVictor SR 150R Regulator
The SR 150R Oxygen regulator and SR 160AR acetylene regulator are rear entry, single stage construction with light duty flow rates. Ideal for plant maintenance.


SR 250Victor SR 350 Regulator
Victor SR 350 regulators are designed for medium to high capacity gas service. This single stage regulator is a performer suited for applications ranging from laboratory to the industrial job site.

SR 250Replacement Gauges

Smith premium quality replacement pressure gauges are precision made in the USA and are suitable for all major brands of oxy/fuel regulators.

Replacement Gauges
SR 450

Victor SR 450 Regulator
Victor SR 450 regulators are designed for medium to high capacity.

SR 250Victor SR 250 Regulator
The SR 250 series regulators are ideally suited for a wide variety of medium capacity industrial and laboratory applications. Compact single stage construction. Uses include welding and cutting, inert gas welding, laboratory testing, etc.
Nitrogen purging regulatorTurbo torch Nitrogen Purging Regulator 245-03P
Ideal for purging and blowing out AC lines. Comes with standard male flare fitting to hook directly to high pressure refrigerant charging hose.

Balloon regulatorWestern Balloon Regulator - BR4HG

Professional foil and latex balloon inflator is designed to quickly inflate foil balloons to the same size every time. An automatic shut-off for foil balloons eliminates costly balloon breakage. The latex filling outlet is equipped with a rubber tilt valve for fast inflation of latex balloons. The large hand-tight connection provides for easy attachment to a cylinder.

Comes complete with tie hood and ribbon cutter.
3000 PSIG maximum pressure
balloon regulatorWestern Balloon Regulator -

This deluxe inflator provides for quick filling of latex balloons. The RPB-6HG features a large, easy-to-use hand-tight cylinder connection to make installation simple and quick. Regulator comes complete with cylinder contents gauge.

3000PSIG maximum inlet pressure
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